Friday, June 19, 2015

Desk Drawer Organization

It's one thing to organize the top of a desk. But what about the bottom? Besides a bunch of cables and a foot stool, I had this bright red 2-drawer cube.

In my old space, it did its job. It's where I put my extra note pads, batteries, rulers, etc. All the extra desk stuff that I didn't want to display on my desk. However, in my new space it quickly turned into this... (WARNING! Scary image coming up!)

I know, it's like a scary movie - you want to cover your eyes and run away! I've been complaining about these drawers for a while. I thought about replacing them with a tall rolling set of drawers, but I kind of liked the shape of mine and how the cube was short enough that i could store something on top of it if I had to. I had to find a solution of the same approximate height, but something more organization-friendly. I was having a tough time finding something I liked!

Then came boxing day this past December. My mom was browsing through Michaels when she came across this:

The Recollections 4-drawer Storage Cube. It's a cube! It's appropriate height! It has four drawers - perfect for separating items! The best part is... it was on sale! Woo! Thanks Mom! :)

This cube has been sitting in my room until a few weeks ago when I decided it was time to put it together and finally clean out the old red cube.

How did I do? :) I absolutely love this thing. It looks so clean! I also love that there are several add-ons within this brand. I may invest in more items down the line as my collecting of crafting tools grows!

Do you own anything similar? Let me know in the comments!


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