Welcome to The Sprinkled Home!

My name is Anita. I'm a late 20s Disney-loving kid at heart, living "up north" in Ontario, Canada. I work full time in a corporate setting. Part time, I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, mommy to a lovable dog and new kitten, and all-around organizer and planner for our home. I'm also an avid photographer.

So far, hubby and I have been sprinkled with so many blessings in our home - love, comfort, fun and more. I have been documenting them through a paper journal and photo books. But as we continue to be sprinkled with more, I'm creating a blog to share our stories and experiences with friends and family around the world.

We recently bought our first home, so expect posts about decorating, organizing, and all the exciting and funny stories in between.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments - I love hearing from readers!


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Let's chat! Feel free to leave a comment - I love hearing from readers!