Saturday, March 21, 2015

Frame Refinish with... Electrical Tape!

For Christmas, we received these two gorgeous and adorable pet-themed frames from my mother-in-law. One is dog themed and the other is cat themed. I absolutely love them. This is the cat themed:

I needed new frames to add Milo and Remy to our family photo wall, and these were perfect... except for one thing. They were red. As you may have seen in my Christmas post, our living room wall is a gorgeous deep red. I can't put a red frame on a red wall. That would be a huge #fail!

They needed to be black to match my other frames. Okay, I thought, no problem! I'll just paint them black! Then I started thinking back to the last time I tried refinishing something with paint... It didn't go too well. I still need practice with that... So what else could I do? I searched my house for craft items I could use. Then I came across a roll of black electrical tape. Ah-ha! I've seen countless Washi tape posts by bloggers all over the internet, but not too many about electrical tape. I thought I would give it a try.

Materials used:

- Scissors
- Electrical Tape
- Photo frame

I was lucky in that the tape was the exact width of the front edge of the frame. Score! I started with the top and bottom edges. I stuck on an inch at a time, carefully smoothing out the tape as I went. then I did the other two edges.

The sides of the frame were unfortunately wider than the width of the tape, so I needed two rows for them, being a tape surgeon to carefully stick one right next to the other. The inside of the frame, against the glass, were left red. The overlapped tape at the corners formed a slightly elevated ridged square, which I ended up liking.

The finished product:

Kind of looks cool! I love how the electrical tape has a slight sheen to it! I did the same for the other frame, and now they both match the ones on our family photos wall. The best thing about this idea is that the tape easily comes off if ever I want to display that gorgeous red border again.

How did I do? Have you ever used electrical tape in your DIY projects? Share them in the comments! :)


PS. Obligatory Pinterest Photo ;)

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