Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{Holiday} DIY Budget-Friendly Personalized Christmas Stockings

I love that I started this blog in December - it means that I get to share a bunch of my Christmas projects! I love Christmas. Actually, love is an understatement. Christmas makes me all warm and fuzzy and giddy inside! All the lights, decor, people getting together and appreciating what they have, cheesy made-for-tv Hallmark movies... I love it all, and I love getting into the spirit of things. But I, like many others, do have a budget when it comes to decorations, and buying ~$15 personalized stockings isn't exactly within it. Enter the DIY version! And it was easy peasy.

Materials needed:
  • Budget Stockings (I found these at the local dollar store for $2)
  • Embellishments (Also found at my local dollar store!) 
  • Glue gun
(Please excuse the first few phone pics... it was all I had at hand when I made these.)

For these stockings, I wanted to go really simple and clean. I just wanted our names at the top.

First, I placed the letters on the stockings the way I wanted them. Then I simply glued them in place with my glue gun. That's it! Two easy steps!

And now the pretty photos of the completed set! The third mini stocking you see there is for our dog Milo, and it was also found at the dollar store for $1.25! Cute, right?

Amazing how something so simple can give a cheap stocking a little more punch. Have you decided to customize your own stockings this year? Share them in the comments!


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